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Parent Testimonials

“As an educator, I am very concerned with the quality of education my son receives not only academically but socially and emotionally. I found all three of these in abundance at Holy Cross Lutheran School. My colleagues consistently remark about his intelligence and where he attends school. But even more importantly, my son receives love and concern on a daily basis. The teachers at Holy Cross keep in mind that school is more than just book learning. They truly are examples of Jesus love in the flesh. I have numerous options for my son but my choice is Holy Cross and always will be.”
~ J.N; Parent of 1st Grade Student

“Holy Cross to me is one of the best schools, not just in education but also in staff. They are dedicated and passionate in their jobs. Dropping my daughter off in the morning, I am at ease knowing she isn’t just in school but with family.”
~ C.V; Parent of 1st Grade student

“Holy Cross has been a fundamental part of my children’s upbringing. As a working mother with five children, it is imperative to me that when I drop my children off at school, I can rest assured that they are not only receiving a great education and being taught values, but that they are safe. Holy Cross has far exceeded all of these expectations. The school is a community base for us and the staff is like a second family. They promote each child’s strengths and never give up on any one child, no matter what challenges they face. My son, now a junior in high school and a fine young man, said just a few days ago that now he can see that he is positively different than a lot of his peers because of the foundation that he received as a student at Holy Cross. Every day as I leave through the doors at Holy Cross, I thank God for that piece of mind.”
~ S.L Parent of students in PK, K5, 4th and 7th as well as a graduate

“Holy Cross Lutheran School of North Miami provides a safe and loving environment for our son’s to learn, grow, and let their personalities shine. My husband and I are grateful to the administration, faculty, and staff who welcomed our children with open arms, minds, and unconditional love. We find solace in knowing that our sons are shown patience, kindness, and understanding by instructors who are creating a solid foundation for them to learn, explore, and become loving Christians”.
~ K. C; Parent of students in K5 and PK

“We feel blessed to have our children attend this school. Not only is it a good, Christian environment but it is also a very safe place. The staff is very friendly and my children are doing well academically. I hope they will be able to continue through high school”.
~ SP and RP; Parents of students in K5 and 3rd grade

“Holy Cross is not just a school but it is a family to us. The teachers and staff are extra special in that they go more than the extra mile for all of their students. Thank you Holy Cross for taking excellent care of our son during school and after care hours.”
~ JB and EB, Parents of student in 3rd Grade

“Holy Cross gives my husband and a sense of security when it comes to our children’s education and especially their safety. Holy Cross strives for excellence and allows our children to thrive in a fun environment”.
~ #iloveholycrossCD; Parent of students in PK, K4 and 2nd Grade

“I feel extremely blessed to be able to send my two children to Holy Cross School of North Miami. Not only do they receive a quality education, they are taught values, respect for one another, and are genuinely loved by all the staff. The school also offers sports and other enrichment programs my children thoroughly enjoy. Holy Cross is an environment my children really thrive in.”
~ G.K; Parent of K5 and 5th Grade student

“Holy Cross where education is a priority and excellence is forever.”
~ M.P; Parent of 3rd Grade Student