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Out of School

Smiling girlHoly Cross Lutheran School operates an Out of School program which includes all programs that occur outside of regular school hours including afterschool childcare, athletics, music, dance, tutoring, sign language, student government, etc. In addition to elective special activities, students enrolled in the OOS program participate in a variety of regular activities including literacy classes, SPARKS physical education activities, and homework assistance. They also receive a daily afternoon snack which meets USDA guidelines.

Regular hours of operation are from the close of the school day until 6:00PM. Students must be officially enrolled in the OOS program each year. OOS is open to students from other schools but parents must provide transportation.

The Out of School program of Holy Cross Lutheran School is financially supported by The Children’s Trust and adheres to the policies and standards established by The Children’s Trust for all OOS programs that they fund. Parents pay a reduced fee for OOS services due to the financial support of The Children’s Trust.
The Children’s Trust is a dedicated source of revenue established by voter referendum to improve the lives of children and families in Miami-Dade County


Yearly Registration Fee $20.00 per student

Early Drop-off (before 7:25AM) charge for PK students enrolled in the full day program


$5.00 per week $1.00per day or any portion of the day

After-school Care(This charge will apply to any student that does not have a completed Out of School form on file or does not meet attendance eligibility requirements.


$50.00per week(This rate is for children who are not registered for the OOS program that is subsidized by the Children’s Trust) $15.00 per day or any portion of the day,(This includes PK2 and PK3 students who are registered until 3:00PM only but are not picked up by 3:00PM)

Full-time Out of School Program (Children’s Trust supported).Must be registered and adhere to all requirements


$100.00 per month***Must adhere to attendance requiremen $900.00 per year***Yearly payments must be paid in full on or before the first day of school.

Teacher’s Work Day or School Holidays (drop-in)


$25.00 full day for those not enrolled in OOS*** No charge for those enrolled in and adhering to requirements in full time OOS***

Early Dismissal (drop-in)


$10.00,until 3:00PM for those not enrolled in OOS; $15.00 after 3PM No charge for those enrolled in and adhering to requirements in full time OOS

Late Pick-up


$20.00 flat fee plus (applies to all students) per minute fee $1.00 per minute thereafter

The Out of School Program offered by Holy Cross Lutheran School is subsidized by the Children’s Trust. Priority enrollment in OOS activities is offered to students who are enrolled in the full-time OOS program. To be eligible for the full-time OOS program, parents must complete the OOS form, pay the monthly reduced fee and ensure that their children are in the program a minimum of 4 days per week until 5:00PM. If students do not meet attendance requirements, regular rates will apply.

General OOS Information:

Hours of Operation

  • Before School Early Drop off care is offered each day beginning at 7AM, all students arriving at school before 8AM must report to the appropriate location. OOS closes at 6:00PM. Parents must make arrangements for the on-time pick up of their children from OOS at or before 6:00PM. The authorities may be notified if a student is not picked up from OOS by 7:00PM and there has been no communication from the parents. Chronic problems with late pick-up will result in withdrawal from the OOS program.

Signing In and Out of School and OOS

  • All students who are not picked up on time after dismissal will be sent to and signed in to OOS. Students may not wait for parents unsupervised at any time.
  • Students must be signed out in writing by a parent or guardian who is at least 18 years of age.

Out of School Activities

  • Students involved in any Out of School activity or sport must have a completed OOS form on file. It is the responsibility of the parent to make arrangements for the timely pick-up of their child from any OOS activity or the student will be signed in to OOS and will be billed accordingly.

The Children’s Trust

  • The OOS program of Holy Cross Lutheran School is subsidized by The Children’s Trust and therefore adheres to all requirements of The Children’s Trust including documentation, record-keeping and attendance procedures.