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Meet Our Faculty


Sherri Mackey
Sherri Mackey, Principal
Soraya Trujillo
Soraya Trujillo, Assistant Principal
Pastor Dennis Bartels
Pastor Dennis Bartels
Roslyn Noel
Roslyn Noel, Business Manager
Lisette Rogers
Lisette Rogers, Assistant Business Manager
Marie Innocent
Marie Innocent, OOS and Early Childhood Director
Marluys Sejba
Marluys Sejba, School Secretary
Natalia Escobar
Natalia Escobar, School Secretary
Lisa Sejba
Lisa Sejba, Cafeteria Manager


Kerri St. Vil
Kerri St. Vil, PK2 Teacher
Janet Lopes
Janet Lopes, PK3 Teacher
Shirley Dauphine
Shirley Dauphine, K4/VPK Teacher
Sarah Menendez
Sarah Menendez, K4/VPK Teacher
Maydelline Barrionuebo
Maydelline Barrionuebo, K5 teacher
Briana Lee
Briana Lee, K5 teacher
Jhody Woodfork
Jhody Woodfork, 1st Grade Teacher
Adria Simon
Adria Simon, 1st Grade Teacher
Eden Rancano
Eden Rancano, 2nd Grade Teacher
Lisset Santana
Lisset Santana, 2nd Grade teacher
Eva Sano
Eva Sano, 3rd Grade Teacher
Kirsten White
Kirsten White, 3rd Grade Teacher
Jamila Jackson
Jamila Jackson, 4th Grade Teacher
Faith Goodin
Faith Goodin, 4th Grade Teacher
Estrella Quiroz
Estrella Quiroz, 5th Grade Teacher
Alicia Alonso
Alicia Alonso, 5th Grade Teacher
Miguel Canete
Eric Pearson, Middle School Social Studies
Karega Tucker
Karega Tucker, 6th Grade Homeroom Teacher, PE teacher and Athletic Director
Yashiqua Bey
Yashiqua Bey, 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher
Beverly Thompson
Beverly Thompson, 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher, Middle School Math and Science Teacher
Matthew Harden
Matthew Harden, PK-8th Music Teacher, 5th thru 8th Technology Teacher
Kellica Lafosse
Kellica Lafosse, K4 thru 4th Grade Technology Teacher
Mary Oxar
Mary Oxar, Art and PE Teacher
Simy Jelaso
Simy Jelaso, Spanish Teacher
Beth Bartels
Beth Bartels, Librarian
Spencer Owen
Spencer Owen, DCE Intern
Coming Soon, Special Educational Services Instructor